How We Serve You

At Achieve Brand Consulting we understand that defining your challenge can sometimes be hard, so we work with you to identify your specific needs and better communicate your unique competitive advantages.

Our Strategic Approach

Let Achieve Brand Consulting eliminate your guesswork by helping you identify areas needing improvement to refine your distinct brand. We believe no matter your challenge, solutions can be found in an assessment of your 3 Core Strategies:


Our Differentiation Strategy explores your star quality by identifying your unique competitive advantages.


Our Pitch Strategy helps determine your brand image, brand positioning and brand messaging.


Our Execution Strategy identifies the best methods, channels and timelines to achieve your desired outcome.

Our Process is Simple!


By phone, at a coffee shop or video conference, we strive to make the process simple.


We listen to your interests and highlight opportunities for growth.


We collaborate with you on a plan of action to address your needs and raise your brand equity.

Consulting Topics

Achieve Brand Consulting services corporations and individuals through one-on-one coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting projects in the following key areas:

Brand Development

Brand DevelopmentYour content is the DNA of your brand. It is the foundation upon which your target market learns your brand identity, products/services, and value proposition. A well-crafted brand uses distinct wording, visuals and message tone that appropriately capture the essence of the brand. Creating effective content that differentiates and accurately positions your brand is only successful when the message is consistent across all marketing channels. We work with you to intentionally craft your brand messaging to achieve a clear and consistent brand image that will win loyal customers.(Click below to complete an assessment)
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Professional Image Development

Professional Image DevelopmentWe work with professionals climbing the never ending ladder of corporate success at all stages of careers. From the recent graduate, to the junior employee, to the seasoned professional, we recognize that everyone needs guidance to craft or reassess their professional brand. Whether you are on the job market and need to polish your interviewing tools, or a junior professional wanting to polish communication and leadership skills, or a seasoned employee needing to revamp to stay competitive. We are committed to helping you flourish and achieve success.(Click below to complete an assessment)
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Global Workforce Training

Diversity Training and Workplace DynamicsThe global market requires our workplace to reflect the kaleidoscope of people and cultures needed to successfully engage our partners from all corners of the globe. As a result, we have a responsibility to ensure that our employees have the cultural competency to engage with their peers and clients of diverse backgrounds. This skillset ensures a healthy work environment and well managed professional relationships. We train your team to be more culturally aware so they have the requisite tools to be sensitive when they interact with individuals from cultures different from their own. (Click below to complete an assessment)
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Leadership Speaking Series

Leadership Speaking SeriesDr. Copeland uses her expertise in appearance and culture to develop leaders and help organizations achieve strategic goals. She coaches organizations and leaders on delivering impact by establishing strong footing and communicating distinctive brands.
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Global Engagement Speaking Series

Global Engagement Speaking SeriesDr. Copeland uses powerful storytelling to highlight the lessons we can learn about strategy and success by exploring the twists and turns inherent in the immigrant experience. Combining her expertise in appearance and culture with personal anecdotes, Dr. Copeland will lead you on an inspirational journey revealing how to defy your odds.
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