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Corporate Training

" Our company hired Dr Copeland to conduct a needs assessment to identify training opportunities for our frontline staff as well as to develop a training workshop consistent with the needs identified. Dr Copeland was asked to review documentation describing company objectives and use this to shape the content of the workshops.

Dr Copeland was able to develop a targeted workshop which provided our frontline staff with opportunities for improving deficiencies in the selling process. Team members reported that the workshop was educational, motivational and engaging. Dr Copeland’s depth of knowledge of fashion, local culture and style along with her impressive presentation style left an indelible impression on our team members.

The training delivered also included on the job training during selling hours which provided staff with invaluable real life application of the selling techniques learned during the workshop. The objective was achieved and provided the company with key areas for continued focus and improvement. We look forward to continued engagement of Dr Copeland’s services."

Keron James
J&K Fashions

For the past few years I’ve worked with Dr. Copeland on a number of projects and she has been instrumental in helping to dissect their key brand components.

Dr. Copeland is an extremely knowledgeable and strategic thinker when assembling the critical pieces needed to build a brand. I would definitely recommend Dr. Copeland as a valued member of any brand building team.

Joe Boldan
CEO Ya Joe International, LLC; Men’s Apparel
Adjunct Instructor on Workplace Politics, University of Washington
Co-Founder of ExOfficio; Adventure Travel Apparel

After 3 years in business, I was struggling to get our message out there and grow our business. In one session with Dr. Copeland, we were able to get clarity about our brand and develop a holistic strategic approach to strengthen our brand messaging - from streamlining our services, to transforming our online marketing - working with ABC was a real eye opener, and has given us a new level of confidence to take our business to the next level.

Mweia Elias
Founder, Empower Nutrition

Personal Branding

Dr. Copeland helped me understand that there was a disconnect between the message I wanted to send and the message I was sending. I learned to appreciate that humans assimilate messages from verbal and non-verbal (including visual cues). Denying or ignoring this fact was to my detriment, so when it was time to create my business I understood the work upfront that I needed to do to brand it.

I realized that the first step should be defining what message I want to send. By continually checking in with myself to find out what message I'm sending, helps me to not fall back into what's comfortable! Knowing what direction you want to head, gives you more confidence and increases your chances for success!

Sara Bernard, Process & Chemical Engineering, PgCert Operations Research
CEO - Smart Kids Educational Club

Dr. Copeland was instrumental in helping me define my personal brand. Whether we realize it or not, we all have one. The question is are we defining the narrative of our own brand or do we let others define it for us.

I used to think that personal branding was just another buzzword and implied I had to be fake to cultivate a certain image. But I've learned that it's quite the opposite. Being authentic and true to yourself is the key to successful personal branding.

And it's important to have an expert provide guidance to help first answer important questions like:

What do you want people to associate with you when they think of your name? Is there a certain subject matter in which you want to be perceived as an expert or are there general qualities you want linked to your brand?

Dr. Copeland was able to help me answer those questions, with great insights and experience. And in the end, help me create a personal brand that was authentic to my true essence as a person.

John C.
Cyber Security Consultant

Professional Development

"Dr. Copeland offered me invaluable advice in regards to developing a professional portfolio. She helped me create a framework for my cover letter, resume and even an elevator speech. She worked with me to improve my interview skills and create a personal brand.

What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Copeland was her constant determination to advance my professional skills. She was also vital in teaching me how to network, and connecting me with other professionals in the industry. I landed my current position as Chief Merchandising Officer thanks to her! I would recommend her to any professional looking to make themselves a desirable candidate for potential jobs.”

Jordan Juliussen
Chief Merchandising Officer

Insightful. Dynamic. Passionate. These are but three of the many words that I can use to describe Dr. Raedene Copeland. She is a relentless motivator whose practical and analytical approach to decision-making was instrumental in my converting intentions into actions, and the follow-through for which she consistently held me accountable led to the publication of my first novel.

Dr. Copeland’s counsel has been tremendously helpful as I forge my identity as a children’s author. The strategies and tools that she has suggested have greatly assisted me in connecting with and engaging my audience, and her genuine interest in helping others meet and surpass their goals has challenged me to do more and go farther. She is committed to success, and I recommend her services without reservation.

Danielle Y. C. McClean
Children’s Author - Purchase - "The Protector's Pledge (Secrets of Oscurous Book 1)"